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Jacksonville, NC 28546
Phone: (910) 937-0008
Fax: (910) 937-0098

Hours of Operation:

7:45AM to 5:00PM
7:45AM to 5:00PM
7:45AM to 5:00PM
7:45AM to 5:00PM
7:45AM to 12:00PM

Monday thru Thursday

CLOSED for lunch 12-1 pm

(910) 577-2345 for the on-call provider


New Year's Day, Good Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day,

Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day and Friday,
November 23, 2017
Christmas Day

CLOSURES due to Inclement weather, visit

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Office Policies

Our Friendly Reminders

To help serve you better, please read the following guidelines:

This helps eliminate billing error/s. Any Claim/s not paid by your insurance after 60 days, will be applied towards the patient’s responsibility. Having insurance doesn’t guarantee payment for the services rendered. Please make sure you are aware of your benefits at all times.

  • From time to time, you may be asked to fill-out a patient information sheet to help keep our files current.
  • Any owed balance will be collected upon check-in. We accept CASH, Money Order, VISA, MasterCard and Discover
  • We no longer file TERTIARY insurance. Our billing software will not support it. However, we will provide you the tools to file it yourself.
  • Visits due to MVA (motor vehicular accident), Workman’s Compensation, other accident-related injury is considered third party billing. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to bill to third party insurance. Upfront payment will be requested. We will provide you a payment ledger to file your own claim.
  • To avoid unnecessary inconvenience to other patients, arriving 5 mins after a scheduled appointment will be considered LATE. We will make every effort to work you in with the next available provider (schedule permitting) or be rescheduled to the earliest available appointment.
  • From time to time, unforeseen conditions happen when patients come in sick and require immediate attention. We respectfully request your understanding if we happen to be a few minutes late of a scheduled appointment. Rest assured, we will provide you the same careful attention that you deserve.
  • NO SHOW FEE and LATE CANCELLATION (Less than 4 hours of the scheduled appointment) is $40 and up to $75 for imaging studies. We kindly request a courtesy call if you are unable to make your appointment so another patient can be accommodated.
  • FORMS & REQUESTS FOR MEDICAL RECORDS: We require at least 72 hours (3 business days) for completion. An appointment is needed for a PHYSICAL FORM to be filled-out (if the physical exam has not been done within 3 months)


FORMS brought in to be filled-out by ANY of our staff/providers excluding applications for DISABLED parking tags)

Copies of Medical Records: Signed consent is required Minimum charge

Late cancellation (less than 4hours)/NO SHOW fee for ANY PREVENTIVE appointments

NO SHOW fee for ULTRASOUND appointments
Other fees apply for copies requested by other facilities.

Our providers DO NOT perform disability evaluations, workman’s compensation evaluations.

An appointment WILL be required with the NURSE (nurse visit) for:
Vaccinations, Injections, Coumadin clinic, Ear lavage, wound dressing changes, Blood Pressure Check, EKG, Holter, Spirometry, certain-office lab

Applicable co-payment will be collected.

Effective November 1, 2013: RX refill: Although we electronically send prescriptions and receive refill requests from your pharmacy, we will NO LONGER honor any pharmacy request for automatic refills.. To help eliminate duplicate request and potential errors, please CALL us directly or use our portal to request a refill. You may also come in to do so during normal clinic hours. Please allow us at least 72 hours to facilitate your request. IF YOU HAVE 1 WEEK OF MEDICINE LEFT, PLEASE REQUEST A REFILL ASAP to ensure you will not have a day without meds. We reserve the right to deny a refill if you have been deemed non-compliant by our providers. An appointment may be necessary to facilitate a refill.
Most insurances require an appointment for the initiation, prescription and monitoring of HOME HEALTH services, any mobility assistive device, Oxygen use, diabetic supplies and other durable medical equipment to justify medical necessity. Please schedule an appointment when these services are needed.

Thank you for your cooperation, trust and confidence in our practice!

Dr. Jose I. Ros, M.D.



  • Initiate a referral to Tricare within 24 hours of your visit
  • Require an appointment for ANY issue we have not treated you before a referral is submitted to a specialist
  • Require an appointment with a provider if your referral has expired or if it has been more than 2 months since you’ve been seen in our office
  • Require an appointment to follow-up as needed before the referral runs out to ensure continuity of care

We will only send pertinent/medically necessary records to the authorized providers/specialist


  • Submit your referral as “urgent” unless you must be seen within 24 hours (according to Tricare’s guidelines)
  • Back date a referral. Tricare accepts referrals from the date of submission so please be aware of when your referral/s runs out.
  • Call Tricare for referral authorization approvals and corrections.


  • Kindly call Tricare after 3-4 days to ensure your authorization has been approved. Please call us ASAP if the authorization has not been received by TRICARE so we can resubmit a referral online or by fax. TRICARE’s # IS 1-877-TRICARE
  • Once a referral authorization has been approved, you will be informed of the specialist's provider's information. Please contact your assigned specialty provider directly to schedule an appointment.
    - Some specialists may require us to schedule your appointment for you. Just call and let us know.
  • Please call Tricare if the assigned specialist cannot see you in a timely manner. They can change the provider while you are on the phone with them.

    REMEMBER: The MTF has the 1st right of refusal. There are no guarantees your request for a civilian provider will be granted by Tricare.