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At Coastal Carolina Internal Medicine PA, we understand that you may have questions that you need answers to. We have assembled some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked.

1. Why do I need to check-in early? - - Time is of the essence to us and we appreciate the time our patient takes to schedule and come in for their appointment. It helps us review necessary information to ensure correct billing and allows our medical assistant to triage the patient well in advance so the patient can have the full appointment time with the provider. If the appointment time is for 15 minutes, we want to give that full 15 minutes as a face to face time with the provider. Established patients need to arrive 15 minutes early and new patient at least 45 minutes early.

2. Why do I need to bring in my medicine bottles at every visit? - - Updating your medication list helps prevent medication errors which can be harmful to you. An appointment to review your medicines may be necessary at times to ensure you are following the 5R's: Right patient (is it your medicine?), Right dose, Right drug, Right time, Right route.
3. Why do I need to have an appointment every time I feel sick, can I just get a prescription called-in? - - An evaluation is necessary to ensure that you are treated with the proper medications. Oftentimes, tests need to be ordered to help your provider in the diagnosis and treatment to get you back in good health.

4. How important is it to have a yearly physical? - - Everyone has a busy lifestyle nowadays. We believe that prevention is the key to a healthy you. Physicals are FREE for most insurances (please call your insurance to know about your benefit) so what you need to do is to allow a few minutes in a year to have a full-body tune-up! Physicals and preventive checks allows you to know if you are healthy. Screening labs are important to prevent chronic diseases and costly doctor/hospital bills.

5. Why do I need to come in for a routine check? Can you just call in a refill for me? - - We believe that our health is our investment and we should take care of it well. Routine follow-up visits allows you to take a more effective role in your health care. With proper follow-up, your doctor can keep track of how you are recovering from an acute illness, chronic condition, allow us to manage your medications effectively, monitor your body's response through tests.