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Dr. Jose I. Ros has been in private practice since graduating residency from NY Cornell University’s residency program at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Hospital in 1997. He received his medical degree at Cebu Doctors University and his bachelor’s degree in biology from Cebu Velez College in the Philippines. Dr. Ros has been board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1998.

He is a member of the North Carolina Medical Society and the American College of Physicians. Dr. Ros believes in building a lifelong relationship with his patients, allowing him to listen to them to treat the whole person rather than a single set of symptoms.
Since establishing his solo practice in 2002, he has maintained his practice standards around quality, affordability, and convenient medical care for all.

"It's amazing how 20 years have gone by. It takes a great team to make a difference in our community. I am blessed to work alongside hard working, dedicated, compassionate, and loyal staff who goes above and beyond everything they do and are committed in providing quality medical care to our patients. Congratulations to us for achieving this milestone!

-Dr. Ros

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